Types of Annotation we handle

We can handle almost any type of annotation, on any type of data, in any industry.



Don’t worry, We’ll Handle Everything

People for AI processes high-quality data from the simplest to the most complex requirements. We have specialized labelers in any type of annotation listed below.

Image Annotation

Thanks to our specialized labelers, People for AI can teach your computer vision models with high-quality annotating data.

Video Annotation

Our video annotation  process requires a frame-per-frame verification. In this way, People For AI ensures quality and accuracy for your company.

Text Annotation

To train your Natural Language Processing Models, People for AI can use different annotation methods to extract information from your text and ensure accuracy and consistency for each NPL – related task.

Lidar Annotation

People for AI provides highly trained labelers and a specialized annotation tool to deliver high-quality output for your LiDAR applications. 

Audio Transcription

Through our best methods and with high precision and performance, turn any audio into text, e.g recordings, interviews, movies or any other.

Train your models to recognize sentiment, in images or text, with highly accurate training data provided by People for AI through its experts and data annotation tools.

Product Annotation

With People for AI’s data annotation tools, we provide accurate sorting e-commerce items, helping to improve user experience and search relevance for your company.

G I S Annotation

We provide all kinds of accurate information with our proper in-house labelers, helping to identify and describe geo-spatial, geographic and aerial information present on your images.

2D and 3D Annotation

People for AI use 3D annotation techniques, like 3D semantic segmentation and cuboid annotation, to always ensure the most performing output for you.

Nicola Luminari

Head of Data Science at Alteia
Client of People For AI since 2019

“I have a super positive experience with People for AI in general. Unquestionably, they are not only really responsive but also I always get all the answers to my questions very quickly. Additionally, both annotation deadlines and quality is also a top priority for them.”

Domains We Work on

People for AI is responsible for data annotation projects in the most diverse domains, with a wide variety of industries, we offer precise training data for your company.