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You focus on algorithms, we focus on delivering the labeled dataset you need with our experts on data labeling.

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What We Do

We handle both complex images and text labeling projects up to thousands and thousands of annotation tasks per week.

Quality is our priority. We select the best process, tool and team for your project.

Futhermore, for most complex projects, we can also help you  to define the right data annotation or tagging strategy with our experts.

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Yann Giret

Cofounder and also CTO of Foodvisor
Client of People For AI since 2018

“Our experience has shown us that both size and organisation of People For AI brings real advantages in terms of not only quality and reactivity, but also flexibility and costs, compared to the big players in data labeling.”

Deploy your AI Projects Faster with High-Quality Training Data

Projects we are currently working on. Why not yours ?


Labeling both mineral and biological data on microscope images.


Classification of, e.g., people, traffic signs, segmentation, and others.


Identification of not only defects on railroads but also energy networks.


Identification of foods, retail products, and also precise segmentation.

Tell us about your machine learning project.

Committed to quality


We only work with our in-house labelers: thus, we ensure both world-class labeled data and higher security level.


To be both able to manage complex, long-term projects, and able to train them effectively, we also only hire labelers with long-term contracts.


We know communication is the key. Consequently, we communicate by providing metrics and also progression status on a regular basis.


Basically, to successfully handle complex projects, also a deep understanding of the field is needed. So, we can define your data labeling strategy together.

Nicola Luminari

Head of Data Science at Alteia
Client of People For AI since 2019

“I have a super positive experience with People for AI in general. Unquestionably, they are not only really responsive but also I always get all the answers to my questions very quickly. Additionally, both annotation deadlines and quality is also a top priority for them.”

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How can we help you? Check out the most frequently asked questions.

Why should I contact People for AI?

People for AI is a generalist data labeling company. We label for many industries, with dedicated teams, an appropriate data labeling tool, and a process that helps you achieve the highest quality annotation.

Why should I choose People for AI?

Three factors differentiate us from our competitors:

    • We recruit +90% of our collaborators on permanent contracts, our labelers are well-trained professionals.
    • We have the capacity to respond to the most complex projects thanks to our high-level project managers in France.
    • We have a strong CSR policy, with, for example, 20% of our workforce recruited needed social reintegration (see Our Social Impact).

What labeling tool can PFAI use ?

We can adapt to any kind of data labeling tool: open-source, proprietary, in-house, etc. We have used a lot of different data labeling tools in our previous projects, we can certainly use yours.

What types of projects can PFAI label ?

People for AI labels from the most complex to the simplest projects. We mobilize all kinds of labelers to meet your needs. Of course, expert labelers are not priced the same as novice labelers.

Is there a list of industries where PFAI has already made annotation projects ?

Here is an extract of the industries for which we have already worked:

    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Microscopy
    • OCR and automated processing of administrative documents
    • Content moderation on social networks
    • Infrastructure (railroads, electrical networks)
    • Maritime
    • Satellite and aerial images
    • Agriculture and food
    • Legal NLP
    • Dermatology
    • etc.

What is the minimum size of a project ?

Smaller projects (POC, Proof of Concept) require a minimum of 50 to 100 hours of annotation. However, depending on the client, on the project specifications and on the total volume to be annotated, we know how to adapt to particular cases.

How long can it take ?

We can meet very tight deadlines by scaling the annotation while keeping the same quality thanks to our expert project management and team selection tools.

Contact us to find out how we can meet your commitments.

How much will it cost me ?

At PFAI we have different types of profiles that allow us to manage complexity. These profiles do not have the same remuneration, so it is normal that the price of the annotation varies according to the complexity of the projects.

For production projects requiring more than 500 hours of annotation, the cost is usually between €6 and €9 per annotation hour. This range covers 80% of PFAI’s annotation projects. The price selected depends on the complexity for our annotators to annotate your data and the amount of review required to achieve the desired quality.

This price includes annotation, review and customer care (communication, iterative methodology, annotation instructions refinement). This price does not include the selection/training of the annotation team and the setup of the annotation tool (200-300€, depending on the complexity).

It is possible to get lower prices per annotation hour when projects are simple or have many assets.

What are the quality commitments?

People for AI is committed to respect the quality KPIs that we have set jointly with the client. If the annotation is not of good quality, the re-annotation of your data is free of charge, up to 2 iterations.

How does PFAI ensure quality labeling ?

Thanks to its professional labelers and a French team dedicated to your projects, but also thanks to the agile iterative process throughout any project, we ensure an exceptional data quality.

What about privacy ? Is People for AI GDPR-compliant ?

We work for large French companies whose missions are highly confidential. On the other hand, we fully commit our responsibility when it comes to compliance with the GDPR.

Q3 2023, we are currently 6 employees in France and 80 employees in Madagascar. People for AI is constantly growing. To see the working conditions of our employees in Madagascar, you can see the page Our Social Impact. To meet the french team, get in contact with us using the contact page.

Get in touch with us using the contact page. We will assign you a project manager, put together an annotation team specialized to your needs and start the annotation project together after defining the tool and initial annotation instructions.

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