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We handle complex images and text labelling projects up to thousands and thousands of annotation tasks per week.

As quality output is our priority, we can use specific methods, processes and training or different annotation tools.

For most complex projects, we can help to define the right data labelling strategy with our experts.

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Yvan Giret

Cofounder and CTO of Foodvisor
Client of People For AI since 2018

“Our experience has shown us that the size and organisation of People For AI brings real advantages in terms of quality, reactivity, flexibility and costs, compared to the big players in data labelling.”​

Deploy your AI Projects Faster with High-Quality Training Data

Projects we are currently working on. Why not yours ?


Labelling of mineral and biological data on microscope images.


Classification of people, traffic signs, segmentation, and others.


Identification of defects on railroads and energy networks.


Identification of foods, retail products, precise segmentation, etc.

Tell us about your machine learning project.

Committed to quality


We only use our proper in-house labellers: this way, we ensure world-class labelled data and higher security level.


To be able to manage complex, long-term projects, and be able to train them effectively, we only hire labellers with long-term contracts.


We know communication is the key. We communicate by providing metrics and progression status on a regular basis.


To successfully handle complex projects, a deep understanding of the field is needed. We can define your data labelling strategy together.

Nicola Luminari

Head of Data Science at Alteia
Client of People For AI since 2019

“I have a super positive experience with People for AI. They are really responsive, I always get all the answers to my questions very quickly. Annotation deadlines and quality is a top priority for them.”​

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