Our social impact

Labeling should not be a misery for the labelers. Discover our social impact.
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Transforming lives thanks to our partner

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Social reintegration

By working with Le Relais Madagascar, we reintegrate people who are far from employement.

+15 Employees Achieving Social Reintegration

We are proud to provide new opportunities for over 20% of our recent hires, who have overcome challenging backgrounds and are now thriving in our workforce.

All of them received a digital training

On average, they have received one week of training on digital tools before working on their first project

95% of employees signed a permanent contract

After probation period, most of our annotators receive also a permanent contract offer.

Our labelers receive continuous training on new digital tools (various annotation tools, Google Sheets, Excel, etc).

Additionally, they can also receive specialised training on specific projects (e.g. microscopy, French gastronomy, etc)

Training for all

We are helping our employees to build their skills.

picture of Rasia, a labeler. Impact Social

Patricia has been working in our company as a labeler since May 2021.

Training on Excel, English, French, Management skills and much more

Each project is unique and we train the annotators both at the beginning of each project and also between projects.

We give them a chance to manage projects as their skills improve

In other words, our HR supervision allows us to detect our future project managers and also promote our Malagasy talents.

Financial stability and opportunities​

We provide competitive salaries and social benefits to build a long term relationship.

Futhermore, all our annotators receive both health and retirement benefits.

We offer them significant career opportunities thanks to our rapid growth and the fast-growing sector we are evolving in.

Valuable digital skills

Our annotators acquire not only rigor, listening but also interpersonal skills, valuable all over the world.

From 2 to 5x the average local wage

That means more money to pay for their children's education and for their families.

Low turnover

As a direct result of our efforts in social impact and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is also due to a healthy and productive work atmosphere.

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Ariel has been working for our company since Jan. 2020 as a local manager. At 28, he manages a team of 7 people.

Our Labelers At Madagascar

Photo de profil de Rija, une annotatrice


Labeler since January 2020

A fulfilling work environment. “This is not the first annotation company I’ve worked for, and compared to the companies I’ve been working for, I find this place to be warm: not only a family atmosphere, but also a fulfilling work environment and pleasant colleagues to work with.”

Photo de profil de Annita, une annotatrice


Labeler since June 2020

Careers opportunities. “I have been an annotator for a while in previous companies, but they never offered me a career opportunity. So, I started at People for AI as an annotator, and step by step the managers gave me more responsibilities. So, today I’m proud to work as a junior project manager!”

photo d'Ariel, un manager


Local Team Manager since January 2020

Taking care of my family. “I am grateful to work for this company because it rewards the education I received in Madagascar. In addition, my salary and my savings allowed me to face the COVID crisis better when my parents had to be hospitalized; Fortunately, I was able to take care of them when they were sick.”

photo de Jean Patrick, un annotateur


Labeler since June 2020

Improving my living conditions. “It has been very difficult to find a job in Madagascar since COVID. Moreover, young people are even more affected by poverty. When I was unemployed, I spent all my savings and after, I found myself in real difficulties. But, the opportunity that People for AI gave me allowed me to improve my living conditions.”

A Franco-Malagasy Story

Madagascar's Context

In a globalized world, Digital Literacy is the key and will also allow these populations to access globalized education and opportunities.

To clarify, unemployment and Insecure Jobs are common in Madagascar. Summing up, 9 out of 10 citizens work informally and there are no or very few social benefits.

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We want to offer the high-quality training data that all our clients are looking for.

To achieve that, we need long-term, experienced and skilled employees.

We provide our people with the training,
permanent contracts and good benefits
because they are our real value.

Fondamental Beliefs


Long-Term Vision

We value both training and skills development in the long run.



Thanks to our salaries and social benefits, we care for labelers’ well-being.



Communication with our labelers and with our clients is the key.

"I am proud to create unique opportunities for young people and to contribute, on our scale, to Madagascar's social development."

Picture of Matthieu Warnier, the CEO

Matthieu Warnier