Project manager

According to Cambridge dictionary, project is “a piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular purpose”. Also, a manager is “ the person who is responsible for managing an organization”. A project manager (or PM) is, therefore, a professional who organizes, plans and executes projects within constraints (e.g. budget, deadlines). Project managers lead teams, define goals, communicate with stakeholders and see projects through to completion.

At People for AI, we have two levels of project managers: expert and local. 

  • Local Project Manager: He manages the local labeling team and has the expertise in data labeling. He is responsible for selecting and training the labeling team at the beginning of the project. He manages and assists the annotators during the project. He then evaluates the annotation team at the end of the project. He is called a local PM because he is in direct contact with our data annotators in our production center, sharing the same offices with them. The local CP is often an experienced data Labeler who has worked successfully on a number of projects and gradually demonstrated his or her ability to master various labeling tasks but also to supervise other annotators.
  • Project Manager Expert: He manages the project as a whole. He is responsible for planning, executing and monitoring the project. If necessary, he participates in the choice and implementation of data annotation tools. The expert project manager is generally in closer contact with the customer, as he is involved in negotiating and defining the scope of the project with the customer. He does not always share the same location as the annotation team, but is in close contact with it via the local project manager.

Apart from our local and expert PMs, we count with data labelers, reviewers and developers at People for AI. Together, we deliver high quality data labeling projects.

Synonyms : PM