People for AI Announces Partnership with Konfuzio

People for AI, a specialized provider of high-quality data labeling services, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Konfuzio, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for document understanding and data extraction.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the alliance’s reasons and benefits for both companies and clients. Konfuzio’s advanced AI technology complements People for AI’s expertise in annotating documents and visual artifacts, including pictures.

Selecting Prime Technology for Data Labeling: 

At People for AI, the pursuit of top-quality results is paramount when it comes to data labeling services. Konfuzio’s innovative AI technology emerges as the optimal choice for several compelling reasons:

  1. Advanced Document Understanding: Konfuzio’s AI algorithms possess the capability to process and comprehend intricate documents. Competence which could enable People for AI to focus on delivering high-quality labeled datasets to clients.
  2. Precise Data Extraction: Konfuzio’s technology is purposefully designed to extract data with remarkable accuracy from diverse sources (e.g. images, texts). This aligns perfectly with People for AI’s labeling projects.
  3. Scalability: People for AI handles thousands of annotation tasks weekly across various industries. Konfuzio’s AI-driven solutions seamlessly accommodate large-scale labeling tasks, ensuring scalability and efficiency.
  4. Seamless Integration: Konfuzio’s technology effortlessly integrates into People for AI’s existing workflow, fostering smooth collaboration and accelerating project completion.

The Benefits of This Partnership

The synergy between us and Konfuzio and delivers numerous benefits, enhancing both companies’ capabilities and yielding outstanding outcomes for clients:

  1. Accelerated AI Deployment: By leveraging Konfuzio’s AI-driven solutions alongside People for AI’s expertise in data labeling services, clients can expedite AI project deployment, achieving quicker time-to-market and maximizing ROI.
  2. Enhanced Result Quality: The collaboration between Konfuzio and People for AI guarantees superior result quality. This happens by combining accurately extracted information from documents with high-quality data labeling.
  3. Expanded Service Offerings: Together, People for AI and Konfuzio can broaden the range of services available to clients. This collaboration enables them to tackle more diverse and complex projects across various industries, offering comprehensive solutions.
  4. Enabling Innovation: People for AI’s proficiency in data labeling and categorization services empowers Konfuzio to advance its document understanding algorithms, driving innovation within the field. This close partnership ensures that People for AI remains at the forefront of data labeling technology and innovation.
  5. Enhanced Accuracy: Through meticulous labeling provided by People for AI, Konfuzio significantly improves the accuracy of information extracted from documents, enhancing the overall quality of AI models.
  6. Streamlined Communication: Konfuzio, being a professional data labeling platform, provides enhanced dashboards and regular progression status updates. The partnership allows People for AI to optimize communication between clients and their data labeling workforce, ensuring seamless collaboration.


We, as People for AI, are excited to announce our partnership with Konfuzio as a technology collaborator for labeling and annotating documents and visual artifacts. This collaboration showcases their AI-driven solutions, complementing our high-quality data labeling services using efficient labeling tools available in the market. By joining forces, we enhance the precision, efficiency, and overall success of our services. As a result, AI project deployment for our valued clients accelerates significantly.

As both companies work together to deliver top-notch data labeling services, clients can expect better results and a seamless experience throughout their AI journey. To learn more about how Konfuzio’s technology can elevate your data labeling process or explore partnership opportunities, please visit their website or contact them directly.


has been Data labeling Project Manager at People for AI from 2021. He is also in charge of creating precise quotes for your complex and multi-variable projects.

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