Reviewing (from doing the review) is a process that ensures a higher quality of the annotated batches. Reviewers must be better trained on edge cases than labelers to effectively review. Involving a more experienced profile (a labeler or a project manager) often allows to achieve a more efficient review. They will understand your problems and needs better and thus be able to make a better review.

Review is not just a matter of the percentage of assets checked. To maximise its efficiency, the review percentage and the time passed reviewing will depend on many factors such as:

  • The current expertise of the annotators (depending on their position on the learning curve, more or less review may be necessary).
  • The expertise of the reviewers

We should keep in mind that a 100% review percentage does not guarantee the quality of the annotated batch.

Synonyms : QA, Quality Assurance (cf. Superannotate)
Same family words : Reviewing, Reviewer.