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Call for Social and Environmental Data Annotation projects

People for AI is a company specialized in data labeling and data annotation with a different business model that allows us to offer stable working conditions to our labelers. We are launching a call for Pro bono, Social or Environmental projects to make our expertise available to causes that resonate with our values.

The People for AI business model allows for pro bono work.

At People for AI, we hire labelers for the long term and offer them social, health, and retirement benefits. This approach enables us to build a stable and loyal team that is essential to our collective success.

However, since the annotators are under permanent contracts, there are periods between projects when they don’t have any work to do. 

In general, we provide them with training projects to improve their skills. Nevertheless, that’s never as useful and motivating as real projects with a client and a deadline. 

What is a data labeling pro bono project ?

Pro bono data labeling projects are initiatives where our experts and our labelers volunteer their time and expertise to help organizations label data for free. These projects must have a goal to make an impact, leveraging AI to tackle social and environmental issues.

Here are some examples of how pro bono labeling projects can create a positive change:

  • Labeling satellite images to help track and respond to natural disasters.
  • Labeling medical images to help improve diagnosis (for non-profit organizations)
  • Labeling images or videos of wildlife to help conservation efforts.
  • Labeling images of recyclable materials to help to improve recycling processes and reduce waste contamination.
exemples of pro bono data labeling projects
Exemples of pro bono projects : detection of underwater plastics, personal safety and forest fire detection.

Why should we do environmental and social pro bono projects ?

By offering our services for free to non-profit organizations working on social and environmental projects, we can support their mission. We believe that companies have a social and environmental responsibility and that we should use our expertise to make a positive difference in the world. By engaging more strongly in projects that have environmental or social significance, we can have a significant impact on the issues that we believe are important.

This also gives us the opportunity to work on more diverse projects and discover new applications of AI.


In summary, if you have a non-profit AI project, we can help you with data labeling :

  • of high-quality ;
  • free or at a very affordable price ;
  • for a wide range of applications (data types and domains)
  • from a company whose CSR-policy is integrated in its business model.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a social or environmental project that could benefit from our expertise. Or help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and followers!

Let’s work together to make a positive impact with AI.


has been Data labeling Project Manager at People for AI from 2021. He is also in charge of creating precise quotes for your complex and multi-variable projects.

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