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Find out how we helped our partner Pointly to label 3D point cloud data to train their classifiers. 

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Navigating through intricate 3D point clouds is a complex task. 

Pointly, a cloud-based B2B software, makes it smarter, faster, and more accessible. It transforms bulky 3D data into precise, actionable insights thanks to its AI-powered automatic and manual classification.



Our client Pointly is a 3D point cloud data labeling app.

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In their quest to explore new fields, Pointly encountered a common challenge: lower classification accuracy when venturing into unfamiliar domains.

Recognizing the need for enhanced training during the pre-classification phase, Pointly sought the assistance of PFAI.



PFAI’s scalable workforce improves Pointly’s capacity to generate vast amounts of training data. Workforce’s adaptability facilitates easy iterations, ensuring services are finely tuned to Pointly’s feedback.

PFAI labelers’ have long-term contracts. It’s key for autonomy and expertise in handling Pointly’s specific labeling tasks.

Specialized communication channels (dedicated Slack channel, daily reports by Slack, formalities by email, Q/A sessions with the client, etc.) and clear project management files that describe progress allows for effective communication.
Client’s evolving needs make this constant and close communication necessary. 

A dedicated PFAI’s reviewer who became an expert

30 minutes to more than 30 hours per 3D point cloud depending on its complexity

A proven methodology with Q/A file and Slack channel

More than 20 classes in total, including Street furniture, Electric Power Pole and Vegetation

Matthieu Warnier

Data Labeling Director @ People for AI

“Pointly’s tasks are both challenging and engaging. We initially trained over 15 labelers on Pointly’s specific tool and tasks, but we selected only the top 5 labelers, based on their accuracy and speed. They have been involved in all following Pointly’s tasks and are now truly proficient.”



A time saving between 400 and 1200 hours per project for Pointly.

Quick response time by People for AI allows Pointly to draft offers to potential clients.

Pointly models’ precision improved by 20% after retraining.

Pointly was able to quickly classify an entire city: Munich (Pointly use-case)

First questions in the Q/A file have included:

Can the grass of a stadium be considered as Vegetation, or as Construction?

Can an in-ground swimming pool be considered as Construction, as Ground, or as Water?

Pointly is now able to quickly address new customer in any field thanks to their strong partnership with People for AI.

Sid Hinrichs

Head of Strategy @ Pointly
Client of People For AI since 2022

“PFAI is a competent partner for annotation services and has supported us in several projects of different kinds. Their processes are very lean and flexible while the project team always keeps close communication with us. The team provides consistent high quality annotations for complex tasks and have proven a strong QA and review process.

Our scalable and on-demand solution has enabled Pointly to obtain an offshore team of experienced annotators at a lower cost.

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